Mills Liberty Bell

Charles Fey, the man who invented the very first mechanical slot machine in the year 1895, approximately, finally improved his invention in 1907. It was in this year that is 1907, when Charles Fey collaborated with the company known as Mills Novelty. Together they produced the "Mills' Liberty Bell:.

The Liberty Bell mechanical slot machine was fitted with a cast iron casing, similar to the originals, which were designed with cast iron feet and cast iron toes. The models of the "Mills' Liberty Bell" mechanical slot machine that were created, and introduced, later, had much simpler, and yet much more decorative, feet, instead of the cumbersome cast iron appendages.

The very first mechanical slot machines consisted of strips as their reels, and these used symbols from the playing cards, like spades, jacks, and kings on them. The original mechanical slot machines also consisted of a bell at the top that rang if the winning combination was struck. However, even this peculiarity was removed later on. The mechanical slot machines of these days are equipped with a bell at the top, along with a flashing and rotating light, which works when the winning combination is achieved. These are present in the land based mechanical slot machines only.

The Liberty Bell mechanical slot machine is the primary model for all the later generations of mechanical slot machines in the United States of America. The basic design of the Liberty Bell is still used in the making of all the other mechanical slot machines. Earlier there were the old fashioned mechanical slot machines that had mechanical devices with about three very old fashioned spinning reels, which could hold about twenty or a few more symbols. These old fashioned machines have now been developed in to mechanical devices that are controlled by microprocessors. These mechanical devices that can be controlled by microprocessors come equipped with up to five spinning reels, and these new age devices contain more than hundreds of symbols.

The Operator Bell

In the year 1910 the Mills Novelty Company introduced the Operator Bell. The Operator Bell mechanical slot machine consisted of a gooseneck entry portal for the coins. These slot machines consisted of the fruit symbols that are now so famous, and are being used in all the mechanical slot machines. These Operator Bells were created using cast iron and were quite heavy and weighed over hundred pounds. More than thirty thousand such mechanical slot machines were made.

The Mills Novelty Company eventually rectified the cast iron heavy weight error in the year 1915 by bringing in to the market a comparatively less costly wooden cabinet. The Mills Novelty Company introduced quite a number of changes and adjustments to their initial specimens of slot machines.

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