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The website is operated via the Gambling Commission, and the chief location of business of this commission is located in Victoria Square House.

The information that we collect regarding our visitors for using it on our website

We pay a lot of respect to the privacy of each individual who pay visit to our website. No personal information is captured or stored automatically by our website. However, it merely logs the IP address of the users that is recognized automatically by web server that we use. We can gather information regarding the visitors for the purpose of usage analysis and also for enabling them for using our system of online regulatory returns.

Usage analysis

Third party software is used for creating anonymous cookies as well as the IP address of the visitors for helping them in analyzing the usage of this website. In this process, no personal information is collected by us. However, this information helps us to keep a record of the pages that the visitors see when they visit the website.

This is mainly done to access the parts of the site that are very popular and also to identify tendency in usage. This also helps to guide development of fresh web pages. The cookies that we utilize expire after 3 months automatically. In case, you do not want to get the cookies, then you can change the settings of your web browser for rejecting them. This change will not damage the use of the website. All the browsers are different, so go through the "Help" option of the browser for finding out the way to alter the preference of cookies or to delete the cookies that are stored.

Online regulatory returns

This system utilizes two cookies, one that consists of session ID and the other that have an authentication key. Such cookies are never stored as they expire when you close the browser.

The way to use information provided to us by the visitors.

We never utilize cookies for collection of user information. If it is not stated then we might use this information to communicate to the visitors and also for internal marketing as well as research purposes. None of this information is disclosed to any of the third parties or any other government departments excluding where:

  • This sort of disclosure is needed for fulfilling service obligations. In this case we will need such third parties for consenting to treat it according to privacy policy.
  • It is required by law, government regulations and court laws.
  • If users give permission for doing so.

We also take reasonable precaution for preventing any misuse, loss, or any changes of information that are provided by the visitors.

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