Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots in slot games can make you very rich if you are lucky enough to land one of the accumulated top prizes on offer.

The reason why the jackpots can reach life-changing amounts is that the pool increases by a set amount after each spin if the prize is not won. This process continues until it is eventually won. Following this, the jackpot returns to its minimum figure and the rollover starts again.

If you are a fan of the betting on the bet365 site, and thinking about having a go at one of these games, have a browse through the different options and choose the one with the highest prize. This will ensure you are maximising your potential return as much as possible. It could be your lucky day so you will want to make it count.

The biggest downside to playing progressive jackpot slots is that sometimes the other prizes in the game aren’t as good. There may be a reduced number of smaller pay-outs to compensate. Even though these wins aren’t substantially large, they help to ensure something is coming back your way and keep your bankroll ticking over.

If you do go in hunt of a progressive jackpot, and you are not disciplined enough, you could end up losing the whole of your bankroll.

Before you sit down to play, have a set period in your mind with regards to how long you will play. This can either be a length of time, number of spins, or even an amount you are prepared to lose before quitting.

With these measures in place, you will not lose all. It is worth remembering that the betting odds of winning the jackpot are large; this is why the rewards are so high.

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