Slot Machine Tips

Video slot machines are exciting little devils. Whether you are playing them in a local casino, or from the comfort of your own home, the buzz is always the same. What is it about those spinning reels? The mesmeric monotony is just so compelling. Here are some tips for getting the most from your slot machine game play.

Top Tip #1 Play For Maximum Coins

The days of the fixed payment slot machine is waning. These days variety is the spice of the casino and choice in the odds is the key to success. Most video slot machines give you the option of playing for one, two or three coins. If this is so, then always play for maximum coins, as this increases your edge. Another fact is most machines will not payout the maximum jackpot prize unless you are playing for maximum coins.

Top Tip #2 Become a Member

Both the offline, and online, casinos will offer incentives in order to retain your custom. Some, but not all, of these incentives include you becoming a member of their establishment. You will likely receive something like a players card where you can earn points through your play, to enable you to receive some free gifts. In a game that is based on the premise of luck, get what you can for free. Become a member today.

Top Tip #3 Choose Wisely

It stands to reason that the machines with the smaller jackpots will pay out more frequently than the humdingers. Try and source machines that promise a 98% (or higher) ROI and stick with them.

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