Usage Terms

  1. We can have the need to update the terms to use the website for different times and the cause can be anything to do so. We can change the terms for business reason or updating our terms according to the laws or to suit with the instructions or guidance of the regulatory body or services for the customer's reason etc. You can learn the most updated terms to use the website from the Terms & Condition page of this site and the link for the page is given at the main menu of this website. The date and time to update the changes is also given with the pages so you can learn when it changes.
  2. If we want to make any changes with the important part of the terms we will send you an email about the changes and we also allow you time to read and make suggestions to us about the changes and for most of the time we use the suggestion of our customers in the next change of our terms to use the website but there are some cases where we will not give you any notice or reminder so it will be better for you if you make necessary changes by reading the T & C regularly.
  3. If we wish to make changes without notifying the users of the website then we can usually do the things below:
    • Post the changes in the front and T & C pages
    • By mailing you to your email address that you have provided to us by creating account
    • By publishing a notice on the front page of our website
  4. We can also make the update of our terms to use the website via the notice board and we can also invite you to agree with our new terms and you can do that by clicking on the button named YES and we will then informed that you are agreeing with our new terms and the future uses by you will be under the new terms to use our website.

Legal Use of This site

  1. For some countries our website is not legal and for the people of those countries is not permitted to use the services and content of our website. We do not use this website for betting real money or gambling for those countries where these are illegal. We can't give you any guarantee is the visiting of our website is legal for you and if you deposit money or win an amount we will not be responsible to provide you any receipt.
  2. You have to know the laws of your area first about our services before start using our services because we will not be responsible if you violate your regional laws by using our services.

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