Classical Reel or Modern Video Slot Machines?


Slot machines are considered to be the easiest games to play but it can seem to a gambler, who is new to the world of casino games. The simplicity of slot rules attracts plenty of players. However, if you think that to insert a coin and push the button are enough for winning at slots, we don't recommend you to start playing, because it is a slot myth.

There are a lot of fine points that can greatly influence the result of your game. The first thing you need to decide is what type of slots to gamble. There are two main variations of machines old-fashioned reel deal slots and modern video ones.

Special Effects and Pay-lines

The software providers do their best to create more interesting and exciting slot machine every year. So, the graphics and sound effects are astonishing. Besides that video slots have many pay-lines. As for reel deal slots there is only one pay-line commonly on the central row. The variety of symbols is not very wide either.

Coins to Bet

In video slots there is a choice of how many coins to bet per a line to make the amount bet higher on each spin. It is because video type slots take more time to spin than the regular reel machine does. While the bonus play is being activated or the video drums are spinning, players have no possibility to insert money into the slot. In comparison the reel deal slots, taking 3 coins, spin quicker. So, to stimulate the players to bet more money per spin the casinos recoup some part of the revenue that the slot is not generating within the normal play or spin process.

How much does It Cost?

Due to the fact that video slot machines own more than one pay-line and the number of coins can be betted on a line varies, it can appear that video machines are more expensive than classical ones.

Pay back on a Single Spin

When choosing a machine to gamble, the return is another thing that should be taken into consideration. If you play video slots and hit the winning combination, anyway you lose the rest betted lines. In case of classical reel slots you will win back the money you have lost.

Moreover, if you want to win a jackpot at video slots, you have to make maximum bets on all possible lines. It can be rather expensive; however, the reward is bigger as well. The reel slot machines offer the lower jackpot but the expenses are not high either.

So, what type of slot machines to gamble depends on your aim. If you are chasing big jackpots then online video slots are for you. In case you want to get fun from the game the reel slots are more suitable.

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