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    Review of the first types of slot machine: fruit, Big Bertha etc. Pros and cons of reel and video slots. Aspects of online slots: odds, myths.
  • Slots Evolution
    Get to know more about slot machines history: evolution from the pioneer slot invented by Charles Fey to a wide variety on the Internet.
    • Liberty Bell
      Charles Fey was the father of the modern slot machines; and the first slot machine designed by him was known as the Liberty Bell.
    • Nickel Machines
      The mechanical slot machine, as we know today, was actually very different equipment when invented. It has undergone several different steps.
    • Mills Liberty Bell
      Charles Fey was the inventor of the mechanical slot machine around the year 1895. Together with Mills Novelty, he created Mills Liberty Bell slot.
    • The Operator & Silent Bell
      The Liberty Bell, the Operator Bell, and then finally the Silent Bell -these were the gradual steps in the evolution of the mechanical slot machines.
    • Fruit machines
      Fruit Machines are similar to slots, but they are two entirely different things altogether. A Fruit Machine is a type of slot machines games.
    • Big Bertha
      The casinos were first invented in the 18th century. Now, they are found everywhere and slots games are definitely played there.
    • Video Slots Age
      Video slot games advent, history and recent developments. Slot games have enjoyed immense popularity among people today.
  • Video versus Reel Machines
    The right choice of a slot machine is very important. Decide the goal of your game and select one of classic reel deal slots or online video machines.
  • Slots Online
    All aspects to start online gambling slots. How to find reliable casino and software provider? To download the soft or not? The registration process.
    • Online versus Offline
      There are many people who like to get huge amount of money and online slot tournaments are the best option for them.
    • Online Slot Tourneys
      Get ready and visit your favorite casino online to check when the slots tournaments are held. Learn how to play them.
    • Online Slot Bonuses
      A number of people go towards the online slot games because there are numerous bonuses available there.
  • Online Slots Odds
    The main principle of casino slots odds. What are "hot" and "cold" machines? Odds of progressive and flat top machines. Is it real to affect the odds?
  • Slot Myths
    Read our list of the most common slot myths and misconceptions about club cards, odds etc. in order to avoid confusing situation and improve the game.
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