Big Bertha

There was a competition to build big slot machines after inventing slot machines. After the birth of Big Bertha, a bigger sized slot machines were constructed which costs more than one hundred fifty thousand dollars. It was a five horse powered machine and it had wheels of twenty inch wide chain. It had eight reels and 20 symbols were there in each reel and the numbers of possible symbols were 25.6 billion. It was the only machine paying one million jackpots. A simple mathematical calculation was needed to know the outcome. The odds were not so perfect to give million dollar of jackpot. Perhaps it was not the best way to invest money from the point of casinos.

History of casinos

The highest record was $65,093 that was won in Harold's club in Reno and the year was 1973. If you look at the recent result you will find that a lady won $10000000 in Ontario in Canada. The word "Casino" comes from the Venetian people and originally referred to private facilities that were maintained by the Venetian nobles near the Doge's Palace in order to invest their official robes. Even small buildings in the Venetian country seats were so designated. The word "Casino" simply means "little house". Casinos were used for different purposes, not only as places of entertainment. Giacomo Casanova lived at a casino rented by him or by its patrons, as we know from his memoirs.


There was no institutionalization of gambling since the 18th Century in Europe in the residential towns, spas and health resorts, fairs, exhibitions and aristocratic balls. According to historical sources found since 1170 in Venice, first gambling took place under the open sky, especially in times of Venetian carnival. The first licensed gambling houses were started in 14-15th Century in Holland and Flanders. The first German game house was found in 1396 in Frankfurt am Main. In 1638, the Venetian "Ridotto" was the first exclusive lucky venue

In 1720, the first casino was started in the German states and Bad Ems was founded. 1763 Spa opened in the Redoute, which develops soon become one of the largest gaming centers. With the French Revolution, however, all casinos were closed. Thus, the German states took to the center of gambling, particularly casinos in Aachen and Baden-Baden (1824). In 1841, the French created François Blanc, Louis Blanc, with the establishment of the casino in Bad Homburg, the double zero down, whereby the Bad Homburg Casino Casino was successful this time.

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