Odds of Different Slot Types


Despite the simplicity of slot machines there are many aspects to decide before you start playing slot games. For example, which slots to play, classical reel or modern video machines? Where to play, in online casinos or brick and mortar ones? What denomination to choose and payout percentage? Among this important questions casino slots odds are important as well. Because the result of the game sessions, to be more precise the frequency of winnings, depends on casino slots odds.

Slot Odds

So, what do odds depend on? The answer is Law of Independent Trials that is a statistical principle. Without deepen into higher mathematics, it means the previous results have no influence on the next spins.

"Hot" and "Cold" Machines

It is a widespread myth that there are "hot" machines that tend to pay out more frequently and "cold" ones that are not likely to pay out in the near future. Due to RNG that produces number randomly, the machines have no memory. So, if a slot has just paid a jackpot it doesn't mean that it won't pay one more reward in an hour.

Progressive Slots Odds

The latest version of slot machines that is gaining popularity with every day passing by is progressive slot machine. If you are dreaming about live-changing reward, this kind of machines is just for you. The progressives share the common jackpot that is growing with every spin at any connected machine. The biggest jackpot has been ever paid in the world were won at progressives. However, machines of this type are of high denomination, so get fun from them you need to have a thick bankroll. Moreover, the odds are low, so be patient playing progressives and luck will smile at you r game.

Flat Top Slots Odds

Flat top slot machines or regular slots have fixed jackpot that is determined by a casino. Regular slot machines offer the gamblers to compete for betting odds in conjunction with payouts and at the same time lay claim to the jackpot. Slots of this type are of lower denomination. They tend to pay out more frequently than other slots variations. However, the rewards are not as high as at progressive jackpot slot machines. Flat Top Slots are for those gamblers, who don't like risk and prefer winning all the time.

We hope, you will find a slot that responses your requirements and tastes. And remember the main rule there are no rules at slots, you should follow your sixth sense and get fun from gambling.

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