Common Slot Machine Myths

Slot machines are the games that attract millions of gamblers all over the world. They play all kinds of slots from classical reel machines to video ones, without knowing that the choice of a slot has a crucial influence on the winning odds. There are many tips and strategies how to beat casino house. It leads to appearing a numerous slot myths and misconceptions.

Slot Myths: #1

There is no difference whether you pull a lever or push the play button; in both cases you will activate the same system for the game. However, some gamblers prefer handles to buttons because it takes more time to pull it. In such way they prolong their game session. In any case remember that both methods have no influence on the result of a play.

Slot Myths: #2

There are no "cold" and "hot" slot machines. The core system of each slot is a Random Number Generator or RNG. It is a chip programmed to produce random numbers that correspond a certain symbol on the reels. Unfortunately, the device has no memory. It means that the previous result has nothing to do with the next spin. If the slot hasn't paid out for a long period of time, it isn't due to pay soon.

Slot Myths: #3

Slot fans believe that there are "loose" and "tight" machines. Is it true or not? We say no. Owners of casinos may put slot machines with lower denomination and higher payout percentage in easily approachable place in order to attract more clients, but such machines are like other ones, except they have slightly higher payout odds.

Slot Myths: #4

It is a completely false. There is no difference for a slot machine what coins you will insert: new or old, cold or hot. The machine doesn't have feelings, don't try to please it.

Slot Myths: #5

The club card has no link with RNG. It is advisable to use it, as the card will accumulate the points each time you use it. Then you will be able to use the points to get some bonuses like free meal, drinks, accommodation, transportation etc.

There are much more misconceptions and superstitions that appeared during the short history of slot machines. We recommend you to apply for logical thinking before believing the following myth.

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